Quality Assurance of Magnesium Carbonate, Hariom Chemicals Manufacturers and Supplier From Gujarat, India
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Manufacturer Of Light Basic Magnesium Carbonate
Hari Om Chemicals: Quality Policy


We are committed to achieve the growth of organization by continuously enhancing customer satisfaction, by providing suitable working environment to employees and by treating suppliers as a business partners. The company aims to be accepted and accessed Universally as a quality business house and be accounted for its deals. It is a technology driven  company with modern thinking and flexible approach to changing markets and requirements.

Hari Om Chemicals will focus on the following quality objectives:

1. Continual Growth in Business over previous year.

.2. Development of quality products , new technologies keep pace with the trends of organization.

3. Maintenance of safe and healthy work environment in all the plants and offices.

4. Optimum utilization of physical, material & technological resources.


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